Sunday, 29 March 2009

What a week!

Quite a few developments this week - I finally completed a full first draft of the script (more on that in a sec), a production page has been created on the Archway Theatre website, and I've got the ball rolling on workshop dates and actors.

So the full first draft has been done and delivered to a few interested parties and I'm awaiting their feedback. My view? It's a loooong way from being ready! But that's not necessarily a bad thing - at least I'm able to see that it needs work and know how I'll do so. I've spent a fair bit of time re-writing sections of the first act, so that's shaping up quite nicely. The second act, however, was very much 'bashed out'. My thinking for this was simple - although the rep committee need to approve the script, I've got a few months to do so. For me, it's better to get the story out and on paper so that I know the general shape, and then go back, rewrite, edit etc. On top of that, I'm going to hold at least one workshop with some actors to tear the whole thing apart, right down to the bare bones of it, to really test the text. Who knows, maybe it'll evolve into something else entirely - we'll soon see...

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